Zen has made it really simple to not only learn crypto in the most easiest way but also follow simple steps to get deeper! This community is like no other, we look after one another and carry the spirit that supports the greatest good of all humanity! Leave a legacy Seek Truth DYOR

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Jessica O.

Zen God is the best guide that I found to learn all my crypto related stuff. Zen is the most kind, caring and genuine person you want to have in your crypto journey. I have learnt so much from his website and discord. I’m so grateful to be part of his group where we can all learn and support each other.



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The early access to this info totally paid for the Zen Lounge monthly fee for a few months in one day.



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Zach is one of the very few in the crypto consulting space that are actually in it to help people more so than to make a quick buck. I was one of the earliest members in the Zen Lounge Telegram and made great profits off of his suggestions. I actually ended up paying for his monthly membership website more so as a tribute because I felt I owed him something in return. I joined the membership site and ended up making even greater returns on his early gem drops such as SOLO and EQ. Zach is a Kang and one hand washes the other. I'm all about supporting the community.



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